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Old Bed: Restoration or New Projects?
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We are in the process of downsizing and my wife has an old bed (150 yrs?) that we have moved with us multiple times. It's decision time regarding it's final fate. Structurally, it is in bad shape and would take major restoration to actually use it. I know where I am on this, but would be interested in the wisdom of this crowd.

Options are:

1) Full restoration to usable state - I will not do this, would have to hire someone.
2) Try to sell it. Have no idea if anyone would want it.
3) Give it away. (but I like the wood....)
4) Chop it up into it's usable parts and make keepsake items for the family.

Here are some pictures:

.jpg  52525291635_277d480175_c.jpg (Size: 75.94 KB / Downloads: 161)

I cleaned up some of the wood with mineral spirits, as you can see it is gorgeous. Likely walnut, I'm guessing, although I did see a board (uncleaned) that looked like mahogany.

.jpg  52525095474_abdcc933b5_c.jpg (Size: 98.55 KB / Downloads: 160)

.jpg  52525095549_bfd66b4108_c.jpg (Size: 104.79 KB / Downloads: 160)

.jpg  52525095639_ec064de07a_c.jpg (Size: 64.65 KB / Downloads: 160)

.jpg  52525366978_2f1e8e65b6_c.jpg (Size: 122.02 KB / Downloads: 159)

.jpg  52525367003_25067446c2_c.jpg (Size: 95.51 KB / Downloads: 158)

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