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Creative credit goes to Jock Holmen who published the plans online in Popular Woodworking earlier this year. I used aspen, red oak, maple, and a yellow hardwood rescued from the firewood logs (anyone knows that nicely featured species I'd be grateful). One picture also shows an unfinished red pine and a finished pine with a mosaic top. They were my test batch, but they turned out so well I finished them.The project required a high degree of accuracy. I took the advice and made a jig I could fine tune to replicate the 45 degree cuts for the top and the 22.5 degree cuts for the sides. I'm a big fan of jigs. I admit I got sloppy and didn't clamp the end piece, and it kicked back so hard I got a bruise on the top of my middle finger… oh so lucky. The clamps slow down the process enough to keep you thinking and not complacent. The cut angles make kickbacks far more likely.

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