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Leg Vise with Yost Screw

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Leg Vise with Yost ScrewI have wanted to add a leg vise to my bench for a long time. I received a Yost 18 vise screw as a gift for Christmas, and today I was able to get it installed. I have a Roubo build coming up, and figured if I could install a functional leg vise on an existing bench, then including it in the build process should be at least a little easier.I cut down some 2×12s to 6 wide to fit on my jointer. After jointing and planing, I used my biscuit joiner and glued them back up. I laminated two 1 1/4 pieces at 10 wide. I ended up with a final width of 8 3/4 that tapers to 6 at the bottom. I also chamfered the top and bottom faces. I sanded to 220 grit and finished with boiled linseed oilMy bench legs aren't flush with the top so I planed a 4 wide piece of pine to flush everything up. Then, I used a corded hammer drill and Forstner bit to bore the hole in the leg to accommodate the vise screw. I bored the screw hole in the chop with my drill press.I cut a large dowel to serve as the crank for the vise. I also drilled holes in the screw so that the dowel is stationary and doesn't slide back and forth.As I am starting my new bench build in the next month, I have been looking into the usual accessories. The Benchcrafted stuff is incredible. I ordered their plans for the Split Top Roubo, but I am struggling with the price associated with their hardware. I have absolutely no doubt regarding the quality of their Hardware, but am finding it difficult to convince myself to drop $700 on vises.In the end, I am pleased with this vise screw, and know that it will only be better when installed as part of the build. I was impressed enough with the quality of the screw that I decided to order the Yost 17 end vise. I will report on that when I install it on my new bench.Thanks for looking!

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posted at: 12:02am on 07-Jan-2019
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home << Woodworking << auto leg vise with yost screw

June 2019
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