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Kettle Lumber Cart
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Kettle Lumber Cart Short Version:
I made a lumber cart.

Long Version:
As I found myself in need of a way to effectively store all of my scrap and unused lumber, I found myself in need of a Lumber Cart. Many of the designs I found all shared the common aspect of being able to hold a full 4'x8' sheet of plywood.The fact is that I never store sheets that size. If I have a full piece of lumber that size, it gets used up, and it is the off cuts that I need to store for a future project. So after doing some research on smaller options, I came across this concept:Lumber Cart by Wood Working for Mere Mortals
I agreed with many of the facts he set out, especially with the limited space and never needing to store a full sheet of plywood.However, I did not like the angled piece nor the long shelves. Just personal choice. Additionally, I needed to store my assembly tables (Link coming as soon as that project is finished, my blog has build updates) somewhere.So what I came up with was this project. Hope yall enjoy this unique take on a Lumber Cart.

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