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Here Kitty Kitty
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Here Kitty KittyThis is an AlexFoxUa pattern from Etsy. My first paid pattern. Really enjoyed the quality of the pattern. Congrats Alex on your mention and pic in the spring edition of Scroll saw magazine. You deserve it. I enjoy the realisticpatterns you offer everyone.The frame on mineis Mahogany. Finished with 1 coat of tung oil and 3 coats of deft rattle can lacquer. Splines were 1/4” scrap of Baltic birch.The cut was 1/4” Baltic Birch finished with 2 coats of clear shellac/denatured alcohol mix then 2 coats of deft rattle can lacquer.Backer board was 1/8” Baltic Birch. Started out flat….didn't like it then went satin black.Blades used were Flying Dutchman 2/0 Spiral 35 TPI for around the mouth and the rest was Olsen Skip Tooth 2/0 28 tooth per inch.This is a gift for my sister who rescues and preps cats for adoption.

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