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Hardwood floor inlays - Walnut in Oak
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Hardwood floor inlays - Walnut in OakWe decided to convert the dining room floor to hardwood.I asked my wife “Do you want inlays to match the kitchen floor?” “Of course!” was the reply.When I asked my flooring guy if he wanted to do them or should I he said “You do it, my knees don't want to”Here are the steps:Make a template and lay out the designLocate the templateI used a template guide on my router so the template openings are larger than the inlayCut the pattern and move the templateFlip the template to cut the other. Note the “length adjustment” for the long slot and how I place a nail so the hole lands under the inlayCut mating halfUse the short slot in the template to cut connecting groove. Get ready to cut sharp cornersFinish the cornersCut a bunch of walnut sticks that are a tight fit in widthTrim to exact length, add glue and tap into placeRepeat until finishedProject took about 20-25 hours

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home << Woodworking << auto hardwood floor inlays walnut in oak