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Gyres - simple kinetic sculptures
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Gyres - simple kinetic sculpturesThese are my newest pieces of kinetic art. Although I typically make some pretty complex pieces, I decided to go the opposite route with these and make them super simple. Each “Gyre” uses a spinning wheel to create an interesting visual effect. Part of the wheel looks like its moving outward, and part of it looks like it's moving inward. There are no springs, weights, escapements, or complex mechanisms – just a simple pattern and a couple bearings. The Gyres come in three flavors: a nautilus, a snail, and a turtle.Here's a video to see them in action: you'd like to build one for yourself, plans are available on my website:
www.derekhugger.comI hope you like them!-Derek

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home << Woodworking << auto gyres simple kinetic sculptures