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Grandma's Work Boot! Douglas Fir
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Grandma's Work Boot! Douglas FirFound a chunk of Douglas fir in the dumpster and decided to carve a work boot. My inspiration came from a long time ago when i was a youngster visiting my grandma's farm. I remember seeing her hoeing her garden and she had on an old pair of work boots that were throw-aways. To protect her feet she had on a heavy pair of woollen socks and was attacking the weeds with reckless abandon. The boots were well worn and wrinkled from years of wear.
The Douglas fir has some beautiful grain and colour so the high-cut boot has some good looks. When I got the wood, it was impaled with a large screw. I removed the screw and did not attempt to cover the hole.
Finished with a wipe-on poly urethane, I give you Grandma's Work Boot! Enjoy!The Bootman!

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