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Faux Beam Mantel
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Faux Beam MantelSo my wife wanted somewhere to hang her stockings this year and as our new home didn't have a mantel over the fireplace of course, i came up with an elaborate plan to redesign this entire wall. I HATE this tile that looks like it was meant for a floor, but as that would be a HUGE undertaking i decided to throw together a quick, easy and affordable mantel to fill the gap for now. I built this floating mantel (that could easily be converted to floating shelves) for under 30 BUCKS!!! Just some white wood pine and several miters later and BOOM we had a mantel. The wife is happy (for Now) And we had a place to hang our stockings rather than just hanging them on the wall. If you want to see the whole process of how i built the mantel I have the video available here: also made a quick set of plans and a step by step instructable that are available on my website here:

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