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Drill Press Station
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Drill Press Station I have had all my drill press accessories spread all over my shop for a while now, and I decided to build a cabinet for storage underneath the table of my floor standing drill press. The cabinet is constructed of 3/4 Radiata pine ply from big orange. Btw, I think that particular product is the best value of all plywood available at any big box store. Initially, I was going to build 2 deep drawer units on either side of the pillar of my drill press, but then decided that I would prefer wider shallow drawers.I built 5 rabbeted drawers for storage. At the last minute I added a pull out tray on top using some drawer slides I had lying around. I attached a magnetic tool hanger and have commonly used bits stored there.I built my drill press able by laminating 2 sheets of the same 3/4 ply. I cut the grooves for the Rockler T-Track using the table saw. I routed out the space for the replaceable table insert freehand. To round the corners on the table, I used a lid lying around, traced the radius and took it to my disc sander.I am pleased with the outcome and look forward to putting it to work.Thanks for looking!

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