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Dog Bone Bandsaw Box
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Dog Bone Bandsaw BoxI hadn't tried an upright bandsaw box yet so figured I'd give it a try. This was supposed to be a christmas gift but obviously, as I just finished it, is very, very late. This gift is for a friend who's makeup and nails and hair are always done perfectly so I actually bought some fancy iridescent enamel nail polish to use for the dog print inlays. I haven't opened a bottle of nail polish in well over 20 years lol. I carved the paw prints with my dremel after penciling them on to the box lid. It's all mahogany, 7×4x3, and finished with 7 or 8 or maybe more coats wipe on semi-gloss poly. It was a fun project so I think I'd like to make more to use up that nail polish!Thanks for looking!

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