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DIY Back of Door Shelf
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DIY Back of Door ShelfIt's always nice to have extra storage space to keep household items more organized. There is one little place that typically is not being utilized, which is behind the closet door. So I've built a DIY Back of Door Shelf Organizer for our pantry closet. This gives us more space to store additional items.This is a very simple project that took me an hour to do, and it could be customized to any door size you want. Our pantry door is smaller than a typical 36x80 door, so the plans I created were designed for a 20 wide door. If you're making a shelf for a different size door, you just have to leave about 1 clearance from the front to make sure the door closes without hitting the door jamb.
I used 14 boards for the entire project and installed the shelves far apart to fit 8 tall water bottles. A lot of times we buy a full case of water bottles and each case has 24 bottles. So this DIY back of door shelf fits 24 bottles perfectly.This pantry shelf project could also be customized to store different herbs and spices. Usually, herbs and spices come in smaller containers and in this case, instead of using 14, you could use 12 boards. Also, the horizontal shelf boards could be much closer together.You also might be interested in a DIY Offsetting Shelf I build earlier this year. To find the full plans visit TheDIYPlan.

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