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Bowl Gouge Handles
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Bowl Gouge HandlesI just received a set of bowl gouges from Doug Thompson and did not realize they came without handles ($50 each additional), so I made 3 of them out of Pecan wood. They are 13” long and finished with Danish Oil and satin polyurethane.I was doing some research on some HSS gouges that are better than the M2 HSS ones that I have been using in the Benjamin's Best gouges. I was looking to get M42 gouges and then I looked at the AAW site and almost everyone recommended Thompson gouges because they are made with steel that has 10% vanadium which is a lot more wear resistant than M2 or M42. I'll try them out and do a review at a later date.Cheers, JimHere is the chart from Thompson on the cutting angles of the various tools.

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