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Bandsaw Reindeer fun
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Bandsaw Reindeer funBandsaw Reindeer. About 5 inches high from various woods.
This was a fun project. Fairly quick and easy with gratifying results.I've watched Alex Snodgrass do this every time I go to any woodworking show, and I don't know how many times on Youtube. Figured it was about time I tried it…I looked at Matthew Wandel's pattern, but didn't want to wake anyone up by printing the pattern, so I sketched one out using elements from Wandel and Snodgrass styles. I've cut a few of these now and have more of an idea what I want it to look like. I plan to make an aluminum template so I can just trace it like I do the comfort birds.Until then, I'm just sketching it quick on the wood. I'm not yet up to Snodgrass 45 second freehand skill level yet. And I'm not keen on cutting off a finger…Various woods involved here. Paulownia, Ash, Chinaberry, Walnut, Cherry. So far the Chinaberry is my favorite.

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home << Woodworking << auto bandsaw reindeer fun