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Anniversary gift for my Wife
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Anniversary gift for my WifeAfter moving into our first house together my wife and I decided to ditch our old 1938 built oak table (broken down and reused). I surprised her back in July with the legs built and a much simpler table top than the pictures shown. She was over the moon and loved it so much but I felt I needed to go the extra mile on it. I'll probably still do something else with the legs since they're very simple but the time came around and I had enough time and oak to make the top.
The center boards are all oak 4/4 and the edges are 8/4. I played with the placement and how wide it should be for our small house and decided to route into the edges to fit the legs which are Doug fir dimensional lumber painted white with bahr enamel to make it easy to keep white. All strips were jointed with a plate joiner to easily align.

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