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cutting plywood

Furnished content.

I tried putting plywood with 2x4s under it and getting on my hands and knees. I have actually tried several different ways.Then I built a torsion box style of table and put folding legs under it. The table is 41 1/2 inches wide 84 inches long and 3 inches thick. I put a sheet of OSB on it and my wife and neighbors use it as a tablefor garage sales. I do not pay real close attention to the depth of the blade because I cut into the table. Been doing it for about 24 years . I only cut maybe 10 sheets a year so it will still be going strong when I am gone. If I were to build another table I would make it smaller and only about 2 inches thick. It has gotten a lot heavier as I have aged.

I do my cutting outside, summer or winter and saw dust is not a concern so I do not worry about dust collection. Usually I open the garage doors for a little more room around the end of the table but my wife's babyis in the garage so the door was shut. I get the truck just off the street and pull the plywood out of the truck onto the table.

.jpg  IMG_0172.JPG (Size: 172.49 KB / Downloads: 51)

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I showed this because I do not need a rocking table for x amount ofhundred dollarsso I can lift a sheet of plywood from vertical to horizontal or to roll it into my shop.I don't need a big sheet of 1 1 /2pink foamon the floor so I can cut on my hands and knees. Yes I have to store the table but one would have to store the foam board also.

I bought this set up and have been using it for over 24 years also and I am quite happy with it, except for the fact that I have to hunt down an extension power cord. It clamps to the plywood and guides the saw just like a track saw. I add 1 1/4 inches to the dimension mark the two point on the wood line it up and cut.

.jpg  IMG_0175.JPG (Size: 109.87 KB / Downloads: 51)

.jpg  IMG_0176.JPG (Size: 121.57 KB / Downloads: 51)

I found that the blade was quite dull and I decided to get a new on. But then I though I do have a battery powers circular saw from Menards I don't use it much but it does havea new blade on it so I decided to retire the old saw and mount the battery saw to the plate. It will be lighter and no cord to chase down. The most important part of the job is getting the blade straight with the plate so it cuts straight, ifnot straight it will pull to one side.

Will I get a track saw? No.In my opinion a track saw will never replace a table saw. I have a very good table saw. I also have (Ifeel a very good ) setup for braking down plywood and getting it to manageable sizes so I can handle it at the table saw.. There are other items like being able to square upa piece of plywood but if it clamps on there is room for arrow.So there is a lot of expense after just the purchase I won't beduplicating what I already have.

Believe me I have though about one. I am on the Makita battery platform so I would like a Makita but the cost is out of sight for me. If I didn't have what I have I wouldbuy the Wen battery track saw and comparable track in a heart beat.. Don't need all the bells and whistles.

Believe it or not I am looking forward to reading your responses


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posted at: 12:00am on 27-May-2024
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May 2024
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